Food & Housing Lab

Building Roots believes all neighbourhoods need places to grow, cook, share and buy healthy food. We have piloted innovative solutions at the intersection of food and housing, urban planning and public space.

Food has not been prioritized in and around housing in our urban planning and development, and 50% of Torontonians live more than a kilometre from a grocery store. This is contributing to the rise of disease and a lack of community well-being.

Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities, but with growing inequality, people are being left  behind. The City has the second most high-rise buildings in North America, and is currently building more than any other City. We have a history of aging tower neighbourhoods.

We also have many great projects, markets, community kitchens and diverse stores and restaurants. Food can be a major community builder.

The GTHA is a good place to start a discussion about the place of food in our communities across North America, about how we can eat well and be food secure right where we live, in every new project. It will take different thinking with new multi-sectoral projects, policies and actionable plans to make this happen.

Stay tuned to our Food & Housing Lab for new information on projects, research and resources.

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