Our Community Leaders program enables residents of a community to achieve collective goals and contribute to positive change in their neighbourhood. It was first piloted in Moss Park, and with multiple years of demonstrated success, we are bringing it to our other partner communities!

Participants (Community Leaders) are empowered and engaged one-on-one to identify their interests and capacity, the needs of their community, and their desired outcomes for the program. Community Leaders participate in the program’s capacity building and leadership training and workshops to further develop their strengths and skills. 

The focus and content of the program can depend on the Community Leaders’ interests. The program intends to support the Community Leaders’ creativity, passions, and aspirations. 

The Community Leaders are also provided opportunities to practice leadership and contribute to change by participating in Building Roots’ other community projects. This way they have the experience and confidence to pursue further initiatives! 

If you’re a community member or organization looking to participate in this program, please email our Director of Programming, Dustin Stern at dustin@buildingroots.ca for more information.