Working collaboratively with other community organizations is a crucial piece of of Building Roots’ work and mission of enabling social cohesion.

Here is a list of some of the incredible organizations we are grateful to call our community partners:

Moss Park Overdose Prevention Site – Drop-in health service focused on harm reduction for people experiencing drug addiction. Building Roots donates fresh food to the Moss Park OPS weekly and partners wherever possible to further safety in Moss Park.

Youth Enrichment Academy (YEA!) – Pathways to Education and Regent Park Community Health Centre present this summer bridging initiative designed to address the gap in programming for youth (ages 12-14) in Regent Park and surrounding communities. The program will prepare students for success in high school and beyond, and we are thrilled to facilitate the educational piece on themes related to food security and responding to the needs of one’s community.

Sojourn House – Shelter and transitional housing programs that assist refugees with their integration into Canadian society. Building Roots provides food donations and works collaboratively to develop community programming inclusive to the culturally-diverse resident base at Sojourn House.

Story Planet – Provides young people – specifically those from under-resourced communities – with creative workshop experiences that foster self confidence while building communication skills.  We collaborate on events for children and youth in Moss Park that encourage creative expression in a group setting.

Youth Gravity – Toronto-based, youth-led, not for profit organization aimed towards providing a platform to young leaders to pursue projects that they are passionate about. We work collaboratively on monthly spoken word events called Word Up with Moss Park, and provide financial support for other initiatives of theirs such as the YOUnity March against domestic abuse.

Houselink – Community-centred charitable organization that addresses the issues of homelessness and marginalization for single men and women, youth, seniors and families with children in the City of Toronto. We work to further the impact of each other’s work, such as ensuring fresh food gets into the hands of community members most vulnerable to food insecurity.

Burrito Project TO – Organized by ARK II, in partnership with Building Roots, volunteers come together to make burritos and distribute them to underfed folks on the streets of Toronto. Some of the burritos are sold at the Moss Park Market to help sustain the project, and the rest are distributed in the immediate area surrounding the market.

the bridge – Building Roots has been regular contributors to this monthly community newspaper serving residents and business owners across Toronto’s downtown east. A commitment to local coverage, the bridge strives to source up-to-date activity and diverse interests from heritage, planning and development, culture, arts and opinions that advocate a collaborative level playing field form.