When life gets difficult, it’s tougher for those who have less.”

“Tiffinday and Udupi Palace, the restaurant where our stews are made, love feeding people. However, what we enjoy most is feeding those who cannot take good food for granted.” Too many people go hungry in Toronto in urban food deserts, where they lack access to supermarkets and in turn, nutritious, fresh and affordable food. This became heightened during COVID-19.

Tiffinday vegan meal kits are delicious, nutritious and satisfying, with their bestseller, chickpea curry stew in the mix, along with fragrant Basmati rice and a spinach-potato curry. Cooked from scratch, by people (not machines), using local ingredients when seasonally available.

We are inviting individuals and corporations to participate in Tiffinday’s Vegan Meal Kit program. If you state “Tiffinday” in the notes when making your donation, we will direct it towards meal kits that will be distributed to seniors and those at-risk to food insecurity during COVID-19. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation

If you would like a a special note, or your corporation identified as donors on the label, please include this message with your donation. For more information about this program, you can contact us.