Ready to visit the City’s newest urban farm?

We are the custodian of property in Ashbridge Estate located in the heart of Queen E at Greenwood, in a unique partnership with Ontario Heritage Trust.

The Estate used to be a farm, and when Building Roots was entrusted with the stewardship lands, we thought that the best use would be to turn it back into what it once was.

The result of that decision is the development of a thriving urban farm which is stewarded by Building Roots and cared for by farmers and community partners.

Kale, swiss chard, garlic, callaloo, eggplant, tomatillos, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and a Three Sisters garden with seeds from local First Nations, are among the many crops that we are growing in 2019.

In addition we have large stainless steel containers and cedar beds on the lawns that are home to many kinds of fresh herbs and because there used to be an apple orchard we have planted different varieties of apple trees and fruiting shrubs along the back wall.

The Estate is open to the public and we encourage people to go for a walk in this beautiful green space and see what’s growing. Planting is done in the spring and it’s always a thrill to watch as things grow.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this project is that all the food grown will be harvested and sold on a pay-what-you-can basis in Building Roots’ Moss Park Market, serving the community with organically grown and super local food.

We thank the Ontario Heritage Trust and our partners, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Hope Depot Canada Foundation, Carrot Cache, Alan Levine, Black Farmers and Growers Collective of Toronto, NishDish, Bite with Love, Duke of Connaught Public School, Abokichi, Chef Bashir Munye, and our many volunteers.