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We Adapted & Grew Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ABCD’s of Change

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What Do We Do?

We work directly with communities to build resources for fostering social cohesion.

Our mission started with revitalizing access to fresh, healthy food. But inadequate food access is a symptom of greater social insecurity, so we didn’t want to stop there.

We listened & with community-led initiatives created new platforms for engagement. From skills workshops to kids’ play areas to music and dance in the park, we support an increasingly vibrant neighbourhood atmosphere.

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How Do We Support?

Our team creates partnerships with public agencies, advocacy groups, and small businesses while enabling resident leadership, job creation and volunteerism.

We directly collaborate with community partners, residents, supporters and a few kind funders – but no matter what – we bring the neighbourhood voices to the forefront.

That’s not all though, click below to learn more about the wide-range of programs and services offered by Building Roots.

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Impact Report 2020

2020 was ripe with firsts, and it’s not enough to say that we merely had to pivot or adapt to the new circumstances that the COVID-19 response threw our way.

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How could you get involved in the response?

 Whether you wish to flex your green thumb or support your neighbours directly – there is a way you can support.

Get Involved

2020: A story of hope

A Story of Hope is the update we published immediately in response to summarize how we initially adjusted our services & efforts.

Reflect on our Change
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