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Building Roots is looking for an Executive Director20220921132847

Building Roots is looking for an Executive Director

VIBRANT, RESILIENT NEIGHBOURHOODSHiring: Executive DirectorOrganization: Building RootsLocation: Dow...
September’s Volunteer of the Month: Christine Haselmayer20220901135009

September’s Volunteer of the Month: Christine Haselmayer

Building Roots sends our appreciation out to September's Volunteer of the Month, Christine Haselmaye...
“Charities” to Help People Close to Home20211116203825

“Charities” to Help People Close to Home

"With donation levels down across all age groups, how are charities coping?Tonight on The Agenda, St...

Building Roots is grateful for the coverage & outreach we have been supported with through our relationships in media of all shapes and sizes. Whether located in Toronto or Internationally, we always look forward to engaging in conversations to help further our vision of social cohesion.

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