Community caring in Toronto’s east end20230127141944

Community caring in Toronto’s east end

Dustin SternJanuary 27, 2023
I was walking eastward on Dundas East near Parliament Street. A friendly man walking alongside me began making conversation. It came up that we both p...
Students bring hope for the future20230117091207

Students bring hope for the future

Dustin SternJanuary 17, 2023
Message from Dustin Stern, our Director of Creative Programming: “The students from YEA’s brainstorm today at Opera Makers on what they would ch...
Building Roots Programming Highlight for 202220221222014818

Building Roots Programming Highlight for 2022

Dustin SternDecember 22, 2022
When Dustin Stern, Director of Creative Programming, was asked what his highlight of 2022 was, he submitted this piece: “The Moss Park Market Qu...
We’re growing!20221128140006

We’re growing!

Dustin SternNovember 28, 2022
The sun was shining, the courtyard filled with people unified by the sound of live music and kids cheerfully playing. It was a market Saturday in July...
Moss Park : A Love Story20201209113435

Moss Park : A Love Story

Dustin SternDecember 9, 2020
" Thank you to all of my neighbours in Moss Park, housed and unhoused. We will get through this - and the next challenge, and the next – facing up to ...
The Transformative Powers of Art20200309160306

The Transformative Powers of Art

Dustin SternMarch 9, 2020
Art plays an essential role in cultivating community and promoting change. What is it about art that is so powerful when employed in this context?...