From the Moss Park Market with Love; we’ll be seeing you!

Hi! Building Roots here.

It’s safe to say that through all our current challenges, togetherness has proven to be a strength which will transform our communities during the pandemic and after it passes.

As we all give thanks to our frontline workers for what they are doing to help us in combating our current situation, Building Roots wants to drop you a reminder to thank yourselves.

This is important to remember because collaborative change is found through selflove and self-growth. A beautiful example we are grateful to witness is how the Moss Park Market wouldn’t be what it is today without the community members who were gracious enough to share a little bit of that love.

Our Moss Park Market is a pay-what-you-can service open every Saturday from 11AM – 4PM where you can access food and produce bags for safe pick-up with absolutely no information collected.

These food bags are fueled by a spread of community partners who contribute everything from baked goods to raw vegetables weekly. Because of the cold weather, we want to make sure that everyone can

 be served quickly and safely.

If it is your first time visiting us at 260 Queen St. E, one of our volunteers will kindly touch base with you to arrange the details of any future Covid-safe pickups.

We are here to help fill an important gap – and that’s the knowledge and security you will have accessing fresh, healthy food on a regular basis.

That way, you can focus on thanking yourself.


As featured in The Bridge community newspaper issue of March 2021

Resiliance & Presence: Winter Changes at the Moss Park Market

Nine months into 2020, we’ve had six months of living a new life. As we collectively learn a lesson about presence, resilience can be an underappreciated theme. Our resilience is founded in doing what we do best, safely, to get through the current difficult period together.

At the Moss Park Market, we’re making a few adjustments to how fresh food will be picked up this winter season. We want everyone to stay warm and safe in the coming colder months.

From 11am to 4pm, we’ll have five pick-up time slots of one hour each.

If you are already a regular at the market, nothing much will change; we just hope to shorten wait times. If you do not yet have a time slot, we will still serve you. We are just asking for cooperation in planning a pick-up slot once you do come!

Ultimately, our offerings are pay-what-you-can, but we suggest a donation of $5 for one bag or $25 for 4 weeks.

The Moss Park Market is fueled by community support: your presents support our presence. But we don’t define people by their ability to support us financially. We want to support our community’s resilience – you are welcome here.

We are always finding ways for helping hands to stay busy. If you want to get involved with Building Roots, you can follow us on social media to find opportunities.

If you have any questions about the new pick-up process, you can talk to us in person at the Saturday market.

We’ll see you soon. We’ll be there.