Building Roots enables people to create socially cohesive communities.  We envision vibrant, resilient neighbourhoods. Our work focuses on supporting people in low-income communities affected by social isolation and food insecurity.

Our fullservice approach to working with builders, property managers, community agencies, residents and architects has proven its worth in successfully completed projects, including with Toronto Community Housing. We continue to work with builders, property managers, local government, community groups and residents to build and grow food infrastructure and community-strengthening programs into housing developments and revitalizations. 

Number of places you can get fresh fruit and vegetables in Moss Park, Toronto:  1

Number of children who live in Moss Park: 1,425

How many different types of edible plants we are growing in 2019 at our Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate: 40+

Distance between our urban farm and the Moss Park Market: 2km 

Number of Moss Park residents benefitting from affordable produce: 500+

Number of community workshops and events we are offering for free in 2019:  96

Number of community organizations we work with locally: 10

Number of volunteers involved with Building Roots including local community members: 50

On a scale of 1 – 10, our commitment to creating sustainable social cohesion in Moss Park and beyond: 10

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