⇨  Launched successful discussion on food and development in 2013, with Daniels Corporation, Heart & Stroke Foundation

⇨  Community and food expert consulting team has established food projects with Lanterra Developments, ERA Architects, Toronto Community Housing, City of Toronto

⇨  Founded out of Food Forward, Toronto food non-profit organizing on new solutions for food access, street food, urban ag

⇨  Centre for Social Innovation 2015 City Builder, Agents of Change

⇨  Engaged over a thousand Torontonians in our work, including food workshops, festivals, markets and symposiums.

Half of Toronto’s residents do not live within one kilometre walking distance from a grocery store (Martin Prosperity Institute)

Building Roots enables people to create socially cohesive communities. We are proactive problem solvers and do-ers. Our fullservice approach to working with builders, property managers, community agencies, residents and architects has proven its worth in successfully completed projects, including with Toronto Community Housing, and we continue to work with builders, property managers, local government, community groups and residents to build and grow community and commercial food infrastructure into new housing developments and revitalizations.

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