Do It Together

Ta-da! Introducing the 2020 Do It Together workshop series

Last year Building Roots trialed a series of participatory workshops on the theme of simple, practical crafting techniques that can help you save money, avoid a lot of plastic and chemicals, and raise standard of living on a budget. We made hand creams, waxed-cloth food wraps, sleep sachets, masala-chai syrup, herb-infused vinegars, and more. Best of all, we did it together.

The response was terrific! People came from all parts of the city, kept returning, and kept asking for more. So, this winter we’re expanding the series, having the workshops occur weekly, and adding new features.

First, we partnered up with Works-in-Progress, an artist collective based in Toronto that focuses on up-cycling fabric and making art out of recycled materials. They will present four workshops on this theme, where you will learn how to make a small sewing kit, identify fabrics, sew heart-shaped hand-warmers, transform old jeans, and make your own portable cutlery wraps.

Second, we’re introducing production workshops. These are a chance to give back to the Moss Park community while having fun and developing your skills. Make an item for yourself to take home, as always – and ‘step it up’ by making extras to be sold for pay-what-you-can at the Moss Park Market. The first two production workshops are March 15 (Sleep Sachets), and March 29 (Hand Creams).

You can find us every Sunday at 3pm in the Moss Park Market (Queen & Seaton). RSVP and learn more on Eventbrite!

‘Do It Together’ Workshop Series:

Feb 9 – Make Your Own Sewing Kit
Feb 16 – 
Make Your Own Deodorants
Feb 23 – 
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts + Understanding Textiles
March 1 – 
Headstart On Spring: Growing Sprouts
March 8 – 
Green Jeans: Transforming Old Jeans
March 15 – 
‘Step It Up’ Sleep Sachets
March 22 – 
Make Your Own Cutlery Wraps
March 29 – 
‘Step It Up’ Hand Cream
April 5 – 
Make Your Own Air Freshener