Net Picks (Part 1)

Short giggle gems:

Two absorbing resources:

  • For children – Scouts’ 100 games and activities for “The great indoors.”
  • Learn to tie knots and what each is good for. Why not? Two good sites here and here.

Two audio treats:

  • Famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma is posting Songs of Comfort – here’s the first (short)
  • YouTube birdsong with forest view (long; excellent improvement for indoor living)

And two collective actions:

  • Choir choir choir – Canada’s duo famous for big-group sing-alongs – did a virtual sing-along; thousands joined in. (They plan to do more.)
  • At 7:30 pm every night, take 5min to make a loud happy noise outside in thanks to our healthcare workers. Clap, sing, whatever. On my street a couple of nights ago we had a bagpipe, singers, garbage-bin drummers … all 6’ apart and that works just fine : )