Ashbridge Estate Urban Farm

Our volunteer-powered urban farm at the beautiful Ashbridge Estate is graciously hosted by the Ontario Heritage Trust, which allows us to steward this special project.

We work (and play, and laugh) from spring to fall, supplying fresh produce to the Building Roots Moss Park Market, facilitating social cohesion through unique participation opportunities, and sharing our skills with each other and in workshops.

Good food is fundamental to a thriving, productive life. Engaging with natural processes is just as fundamental to well-being. And when people come together in support of others’ needs, a special kind of magic transforms the “work” to joyous collaborative achievement.

Local small businesses and organizations contribute vitally to our on-the-ground needs.

FoodShare, which supports urban farms across Toronto, provides assistance from seeds to composters.

And always, always we give special thanks to our primary funder for this project, the Sprott Foundation.

If you would like to participate, our farm volunteer form is here. In a farm context, however small, there’s room for every level of experience, every kind of skill and interest. Come join us!


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