Ashbridge Estate Urban Farm

Located on the same property as the oldest house in Toronto, our urban farm was designed from the ground-up, with the intent of building community through growth & sharing skills with one-another. 

Our Ashbridge Estate Urban Farm is graciously supported by the Ontario Heritage Trust-who allows us to operate this special project.

We work (and play, and laugh) at the urban farm through the spring & summer seasons to increase the supply of fresh produce available at the Moss Park Market, while developing social cohesion through unique participation opportunities and  workshop collaborations.

Over 800+ hours of labour and love have been invested in this property thanks to our participants! As it is volunteer-powered, raising this food is not just for themselves but encourages the magical social growth that is experienced when people come together in support of others’ needs.

Good food is fundamental to a thriving, productive lifestyle. We believe that access to fresh, healthy food is critical to this growth and that is why we place an emphasis on sharing the skills/abilities needed to grow your own!


This project is brought to life through the assistance of a variety of our supporters. First, we would like to thank the dozens of small businesses and local organizations who contribute to our many needs on-the-ground. 

The appreciation doesn’t stop there, as our community partners help bring all of this to reality. Very notably, another organization which operates urban farms across Toronto – FoodShare. They provide assistance from seeds to extra hands.

Finally, special thanks to the Sprott Foundation who is our primary funder for this project.

If you are interested in participating with our Ashbridge Estate Urban Farm, we would like to remind you that this is still very much a grassroots effort. As much as we would love to have everyone participate, due to current health restrictions and our capacity in recovery of COVID-19, we cannot promise availability for everyone that inquires. 

That said, we do encourage anyone who is interested to submit their information through the form available on our website.We are always in search of a wide-spread of helping hands. 

If you are interested in applying you can do so through our form on the website HERE.


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