“Do It Together” Workshop Series

Our “Do It Together” workshop series is powered by You, the participant. 

Originally created as an in-person workshop series, we smoothly transitioned the series to a spread of digital experiences sharing a variety of skills.

This “Do It Together” series is a point of connection for Building Roots. Wherein we aim to share the skills we have gained through our collaborative efforts at the Ashbridge Estate Urban Farm with our other program locations, such as Moss Park.

As we are adapting to the changing media landscape and the health restrictions incurred by COVID-19, these “Do It Together” workshops are our most fluid piece of programming. As a result, it is worth checking up on our social media platforms to see if we currently have a workshop planned which fits your interest

Each session is hosted by a local artist/creator with the support of our Urban Farm Manager – Kate Hamilton

Interested in seeing a sample of what this looks like? Check out this workshop highlight video hosted by local artist, Mumbleweeds, below:


If you are having any difficulty finding our latest available “Do It Together” workshop, please contact us through the contact form on our website OR email us at info@buildingroots.ca with the subject line: Do It Together.



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