Moss Park’s first BookShare of its kind to be operating on Toronto Community Housing property. It is easily accessible to all Moss Park residents or anyone who attends the Moss Park Market.

First launched in the wake of the stay-at-home Covid-19 safety guidelines in early 2020, BookShare strives to be a way to ensure ease of access to a community-informed list of books, tools to develop literacy skills and educational tools.

We named this program BookShare as it also extends as a platform to connect community members with other educational and recreational resources. These resources are chosen based on community input, and have included materials such as journals, arts-and-crafts kits, mental health resources and more.

Any inquiries about the program can go to

Current Program Updates:

While books are still available to recipients of our Food Delivery Program, in 2022 we expanded this program and created our mobile BookShare-on-Wheels.

Each week, books of various genres for young children, seniors and everyone in between, are handpicked to be made available at our mobile library.

This means BookShare-on-Wheels is available all year long and accessible at the Moss Park Market during it’s regular operating hours of 11AM – 4PM.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, our team will be accepting requests to be pulled from our collection in-person at this time. Or, alternatively, please email for further information.

All books and other educational resources provided through the Building Roots BookShare are provided to community members at no cost.

Thanks due to the wonderful graduate students from U of T’s Library and Information Science program who provided support running the program since its inception as well as the many significant material contributors of books & educational materials.

If you are looking to contribute physical materials to the BookShare program or BookShare-on-Wheels, we welcome you to email

If looking to support otherwise, we recommend visiting our DONATE PAGE, where you can receive a charitable receipt for any contributions made.

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