Coffee & Conversations

Coffee & Conversations was developed to bring the community together to share knowledge, nourish yourself, drink coffee and build community!

One of our more recently developed programs, we aim to provide complimentary beverages and snacks alongside critical community materials every Saturday from 11AM – 3PM just outside of the Moss Park Market.

Our mission with this program is to create a more accessible space for community members of Toronto’s Downtown East to get involved locally while supporting our vision of fostering social cohesion.

We host our coffee & conversations table intentionally close to our Moss Park Market with the goal of benefitting our many participants, volunteers & local residents to benefit with some social interaction and acting as a central hub for information & resources.

We hope to see you there!

Thanks due to the Dinner with Dignity for supporting this program with contributions of bread, pastry and sandwiches. More importantly, a sincere thanks to all of the community members that drop off great gifts weekly – from soups to masks to warm mittens! 

Interested in volunteering? Come visit us at the table or email us at and include “Coffee and Conversation” in the subject line

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