Food Bag Delivery Program

COVID-19 saw Building Roots adapt many of our programming methods to adjust to the immediate needs of community members.

In an effort to support residents who may have limited access to fresh, healthy produce on a consistent basis – we connected with partner agencies, community leaders and volunteers to provide food as well as other resources to folx across Toronto’s Downtown East.

We wish to support those who may have vulnerabilities or social barriers which could impede their access to foods critical to a nutritious diet.

To date, we have delivered 6000+ bags to over 500 households filled with fresh & local produce, non-perishable staples, delicious meals and treats. 

Successfully establishing this network for delivering supplies to residents locally, we enabled the community to have a dignified option for food access for folx who may have otherwise been limited by health restrictions throughout the pandemic.

We have also worked with other partners to deliver food to their agencies for food delivery, including: Fred Victor, Regent Park Community Health Center, Timbercreek, Community Matters Toronto, Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Houses Opening Today Toronto, La Passerelle, and More.

Right now,

Our food delivery program is open to folx living in the Moss Park community adjacent to our Moss Park Market located at 260 Queen St. E in Toronto’s Downtown Core. 

Specifically the buildings/residences located at or in: 155 & 200 Sherbourne as well as 275, 285 & 295 Shuter. 

Individuals or their caseworkers can call 647-812-5152 for sign up, or email, with the subject: Food Delivery Program.

Seniors, folks with mobility barriers, mental health barriers, and those in self-isolation are eligible. We encourage folks who are interested and able to safely attend our Moss Park Market on Saturdays.

 Much like our Moss Park Market, we ask to consider practicing the pay-it-forward method of donating if you are able to. We would like to suggest donations of: 

$10 could buy the next bag of groceries – enough to feed a family. 

$25 could support a family with a month of fresh, healthy produce.

Can’t make it in-person? Pay-it-forward to another community member through the donate link on our website HERE.


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