Moss Park Coalition

The Moss Park Coalition works specifically within the Toronto Downtown East community of, well, Moss Park.

Our aim with this community-led program is to provide residents and stakeholders in the Moss Park Community with important information on social issues which may impact their daily lives.

Currently, we are working to bring light to the many developments being planned in both the public and private sectors which will bring to change to Toronto’s historic Downtown East. Some of these developments include the Moss Park Subway Station, condo development, changes to green space, etc.

The goal of our coalition is to ensure the voices of the community are heard and these voices can help guide developments of their own community to better address the needs of their neighbours.

The Coalition is constantly at work in the community engaging with residents and stakeholders and connecting them with issues important to them.

We will have a calendar of upcoming events as well as timely news on this page soon. Stay tuned! 

For any inquiries, concerns or involvement opportunities, please contact us at

Visit us at the Moss Park Market (260 Queen Street E.) at the Coffee & Conversations Table every Saturday from 11AM to 3PM. 

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