Jamaica in January: A video by Jamaican Eats Magazine




Sun Worshippers. Beach Lovers. Homesick Jamaicans. COVID-Weary People Everywhere. JAMAICA IS CALLING!

This foodie forward event provides a brief respite of frigid January temperatures and is meant to warm the soul, brighten the spirit and tingle the toes with the luscious flavours of the island.

JAMAICA IN JANUARY Is a 2-part celebration of the delicious vibes of Jamaica with 60-minute Free Virtual Event hosted by Miss Tania Lou who channels the spirit of the late Jamaican folklorist Louise Bennett. Plus JAMAICA IN A BOX…think Spicy Jerk Chicken; Old-time Jamaican Stew Peas with Pig’s Tail; Ginger Beer; and RUM CAKE Cheesecake that has people losing their mind.