We are [safely] opening up our shelves once again!

As featured in the February 2021 issue of The Bridge
Written by: Ethan Rosenberg

Winter, a season of comfort. Food is richer, clothes are layered, warmth of our homes becomes all the more precious as light quickly leaves the day. This winter is undoubtedly more challenging. Time away from loved ones leaves us feeling lonely and the chance to step out for a hot chocolate or a warm meal diminishes.

These challenges are hard, but not all-powerful because finding joys in little things seems to be a growing trend. Activities like baking, phone calls with friends and family, and arts & crafts are crucial; anything to bring relief and a small smile is integral to well-being, now more than ever.

Reading is a way for me to feel better. Stories transport me to another world. Books allow us to learn, to nurture and grow empathy, and in a world that feels colder than usual, distraction and compassion are vital.

This is why Building Roots is grateful to give those participating in the Moss Park fresh produce pick-up/delivery program the opportunity to take advantage of our new BookShare program. Through generous donations, we are acquiring towers of books all available for free and to own.

Books are available in multiple genres from fiction to philosophy to children’s books; we are growing our collection to bring in more novels by BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ authors.

BookShare Request Details:

Pickup based out of our Moss Park Market located at 260 Queen St. E

  • Order books via form from Market in-person on Saturdays 11am-4pm
  • Or email bookshare@buildingroots.ca to request form and order online, or for general ordering support
  • Books available 7 days after form is submitted

BookShare Order Pick-up/Delivery details:

Moss Park Market
(260 Queen St. E)

  • Book order available with fresh produce bags assigned for pick-up
  • Book order delivery available for those on our food delivery program

If forms are unavailable, Moss Park Market volunteers will jot down your name and genre of interest — your book order will be available the next week.

Building Roots is thrilled to offer the gift of stories to all who may benefit, bringing ease, comfort, and colour to brighten up this uniquely challenging winter.


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