The season of lights20221220095031

The season of lights

Kate HamiltonDecember 20, 2022
The season of lights is upon us – from Macau to Taipei, Lyon, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Berlin, Bangkok, Niagara Falls – the countries are not the only ones t...
The Windows of Perception20220330185022

The Windows of Perception

Kate HamiltonMarch 30, 2022
Long days at home, in the last two years. We’ve all filled them somehow – baking or cleaning, quarreling or playing, sitting in front of the televisio...
Greens: So Many Choices20220309215814

Greens: So Many Choices

Kate HamiltonMarch 9, 2022
Greens:So Many ChoicesAn Educational & Personal Reflection from the Ashbridge EstateBy: Kate HamiltonOne of the joys at the Building Roots urban f...
National and International “Days”: So Many Choices20220223210231

National and International “Days”: So Many Choices

Kate HamiltonFebruary 23, 2022
National and International “Days”:So Many ChoicesA Personal Perspective on the personality behind our Ashbridge Estate Urban FarmBy: Kate HamiltonThe ...
A Winter Update From Building Roots’ Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate20210104081100

A Winter Update From Building Roots’ Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate

Kate HamiltonJanuary 4, 2021
The Building Roots urban farm at Ashbridge Estate is small (there’s not a lot of room in a city) but mighty – mighty enough to transform this worrying...


Kate HamiltonOctober 15, 2020
We’re all in a transition now, as the pandemic reality sinks in: this isn’t a 3-month sprint, it’s an 18-month marathon. It’s very not clear how we ge...
The Building Roots Urban Farm20200603213415

The Building Roots Urban Farm

Kate HamiltonJune 3, 2020
Kate Hamilton describes the anticipation of gardening season and the joys of managing our Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate. ...
Keeping It Together (Part 3)20200603212431

Keeping It Together (Part 3)

Kate HamiltonJune 3, 2020
Part three of Kate Hamilton's "Keeping it Together" series. Advice for maintaining our well-being while at home during Covid-19. ...
Net Picks (Part 3)20200603211906

Net Picks (Part 3)

Kate HamiltonJune 3, 2020
Part three of Kate Hamilton's "Net Picks" series. Online options to keep us all entertained, relaxed, and learning while at home. ...
Net Picks (Part 2)20200429192019

Net Picks (Part 2)

Kate HamiltonApril 29, 2020
Second part of Kate Hamilton's "Net Picks" series. Stay updated on exciting offerings from all over the internet to inspire you and keep you entertain...