Keeping It Together (Part 2)20200429181730

Keeping It Together (Part 2)

Kate HamiltonApril 29, 2020
Second part of Kate Hamilton's "Keeping It Together" series. Advice for keeping it together while staying home during Covid-19. ...
Net Picks (Part 1)20200401223329

Net Picks (Part 1)

Kate HamiltonApril 1, 2020
Short giggle gems, absorbing resources, audio treats and collective actions. Net picks for keeping busy and entertained!...
Keeping It Together20200320140357

Keeping It Together

Kate HamiltonMarch 20, 2020
Well-being is about mind, body, and spirit – or some would say mind, body, and emotions. This post is about mind....
Defying winter – Part II: Go out to be out20200227162754

Defying winter – Part II: Go out to be out

Kate HamiltonFebruary 27, 2020
Even just stand in a doorway with your face to the sun: delicious! But Toronto has more to offer: it’s exceptionally good for late-winter exploration...
Do It Together20200205173612

Do It Together

Kate HamiltonFebruary 5, 2020
Ta-da! Introducing the 2020 Do It Together workshop series....
Defying Winter20200117230205

Defying Winter

Kate HamiltonJanuary 17, 2020
About now we get the coldest, snowiest weeks of the year. I want to hide. I want to stay indoors until April. I want to be a bear or a chipmunk so I c...
Looking forward, looking back20200108231043

Looking forward, looking back

Kate HamiltonJanuary 8, 2020
What we want in our culture – and what we allow – does shape our systems. But an opinion you keep to yourself has no effect. We have to speak up. And ...