Building Roots Through Social Justice20200919194815

Building Roots Through Social Justice

Building RootsSeptember 19, 2020
Through this challenging year of the devastating Coronavirus, Building Roots continues to work with the Moss Park community to create a grassroots net...
Summer Fun at the Moss Park Market20200709214252

Summer Fun at the Moss Park Market

Building RootsJuly 9, 2020
This summer, Moss Park Market will be bustling with fun activities! While large gatherings and indoor concerts are off the table, Building Roots has s...
The Building Roots Urban Farm20200603213415

The Building Roots Urban Farm

Kate HamiltonJune 3, 2020
Kate Hamilton describes the anticipation of gardening season and the joys of managing our Urban Farm at Ashbridge Estate. ...
Growing Meals Together: Help Us Grow for the Moss Park Market20200417221922

Growing Meals Together: Help Us Grow for the Moss Park Market

Building RootsApril 17, 2020
In this difficult spring of 2020 we can’t meet over a meal, so we’re inviting you to share a meal in a different way – by growing a little for the mar...
Building Roots In The Time Of COVID-1920200326152452

Building Roots In The Time Of COVID-19

Building RootsMarch 26, 2020
With COVID-19, we are working hard to provide food for the most vulnerable in our community right now, and are offering new at-home resources for chil...
The Transformative Powers of Art20200309160306

The Transformative Powers of Art

Dustin SternMarch 9, 2020
Art plays an essential role in cultivating community and promoting change. What is it about art that is so powerful when employed in this context?...
Do It Together20200205173612

Do It Together

Kate HamiltonFebruary 5, 2020
Ta-da! Introducing the 2020 Do It Together workshop series....
Looking forward, looking back20200108231043

Looking forward, looking back

Kate HamiltonJanuary 8, 2020
What we want in our culture – and what we allow – does shape our systems. But an opinion you keep to yourself has no effect. We have to speak up. And ...